Residents’ Advisory Council

Residents' Advisory Council LEA Durlacher Allee 100 (2016 - 2019)

What is the Residents’ Advisory Council?

The advisory board is a body of elected representatives of the residents of Durlacher Allee 100. The aim of the advisory board is to represent the residents of the LEA vis-à-vis the administration, the security services and other actors on the premises and thus to contribute to a better quality of life in the facility. For example, the bathroom facilities have been improved and women can lock their rooms.

What is the advisory board allowed to do?

  • collect, process & forward complaints
  • refer the compatriots with their problems & concerns to the right places
  • mediate & arbitrate in case of conflicts
  • inform compatriots about procedures & innovations in the facility
  • organize recreational activities on the premises in coordination with other actors.

What is the advisory board not allowed to do?

  • No influence on the asylum procedure
  • No influence on transfers
  • No power of command over other actors on the premises
  • No decision-making power regarding the occupancy of the accommodation
  • Not to change any rules on the premises
  • No issuing of sanctions
  • No obstructing or undermining the internal processes of other actors

What we offer:

  • Introduction to the structure and procedures of the shelter or LEA.
  • Confirmation of the activity in the advisory board in German and the local language
  • Opportunity for direct exchange with other actors on the premises
  • the right to have a say in the life of the accomodation
  • A meeting room for the advisory board

Our promise:

Members of the advisory board will not be disadvantaged or preferred (e.g. transfers)!!!

For more info, please contact:

Saeid Yousefshahi: Procedural and Social Counseling Tel: 0721 – 781 996 46 / -47 oder 0163 – 4427 378

Marian Palaga: Streetworker Tel: 0151-1886 4503