atman – Institute for Mental Health and Migration

Support for trauma sequelae

At the Human Rights Center:

The atman institute of the fka offers help to refugee adults with trauma sequelae disorders from the initial reception in Karlsruhe and from the communities around Karlsruhe and Mannheim.

The focus of our work is, among other things, on trauma-related depression, adjustment disorders or post-traumatic stress disorders. In doing so, we are able to work in a stabilizing manner, regardless of residence status. Our goal is to relieve the burden that results from a changed way of dealing with the problematic symptoms. Treating the symptoms can bring great relief to those affected even if the traumatic experience cannot be addressed.

Our offerings in the area of therapy:

  • Gestalt therapy
  • Conflict management
  • Conversational psychotherapy according to Rogers
  • crisis intervention
  • systemic therapy
  • NET (Narrative Exposure Therapy)
  • TRE Trauma and Stress Releasing Exercises
  • Hypnosystemic trauma therapy


In order to be able to respond individually to the person concerned, our specialist therapists have different areas of focus and can thus work specifically with the appropriate methods. After an initial consultation, a team meeting is held to decide which therapist might be suitable. At the same time, people with a particularly severe degree of traumatization should receive further assistance within the framework of our network.

We attach great importance to close cooperation with social and procedural counselors in order to support the course of therapy and to establish commitment.

If necessary, interpreters can be consulted.

Support for young people

Funded by Aktion Mensch, we also have a low-threshold, stabilizing offer for young people.

The aim is to help them cope with everyday life and psychological difficulties. Methods are taught to reduce anxiety and anger, improve concentration, reduce insomnia and regain inner peace.

The offers of our team of pedagogical and therapeutic specialists include trauma pedagogical, psychoeducational and socio-pedagogical orientations with stabilizing measures:


  • Individual discussions with specialist therapists on the topics of conflict management, psychoeducation
  • Stabilizing measures such as “safe space, inner space, change of perspective, imaginative methods, timeline, aromatherapy, trauma-sensitive yoga, etc.”
  • Resource-oriented conversations

The individual conversations can also be considered preparation for therapy.

Our offerings:

  • art and music therapy
  • interpreter-supported socio-pedagogical offers
  • Prevention (violence/PTSD/PTBS)
  • Group discussions
  • Therapies that serve to strengthen resources
  • Psychoeducation for chronic illnesses
  • Interpreter-supported talks with trained specialist therapists


Contact for initial interview:

Malin Pichotka:
Jessica Ruhe:

Phone number: 01511 7758946

Phone hours: Tue, Wed, Thu 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Consultation hours at the Human Rights Center Karlsruhe Wed 10-15, by appointment only!

atman – Institute for Mental Health and Migration
fka – Freundeskreis Asyl Karlsruhe e. V.
Human Rights Center
Alter Schlachthof 59, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany


At the fka office Südpfalz

Also in the fka office Südpfalz the atman institute offers a stabilizing, low-threshold offer for adults (21-40 years). Up to 10 individual appointments for stabilization are possible, which can also be used as preparation for later therapy.

The project goal is to help people help themselves with psychological stress against the background of flight and migration.


  • Outreach work for targeted support in cases of psychological stress with information about help options in Germersheim and the surrounding area.
  • Low-threshold educational offers with stabilizing measures, e.g. physical exercises, aromatherapy, trauma-sensitive yoga, creative media, relaxation techniques.
  • Individual sessions with specialized therapists for stabilization (conflict management, strengthening of resources, change of perspective, inner space, imaginative methods, timeline, etc.)
  • Workshops for volunteers and full-time staff to strengthen them in their everyday dealings with refugees and migrants with psychological stress.


Here, too, specialist therapists are selected on an individual basis. People suffering from particularly severe psycho-traumatic sequelae are referred to a specific and qualified trauma therapy within the framework of our network.

Interpreters are available if necessary.

Contact for initial consultation:

Malin Pichotka:
Jessica Ruhe:

Phone number: 0151 177 589 46

Phone hours:
Tue, Wed, Thu 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Consultation hours at the fka office Südpfalz Tue 10-15, by appointment only!

atman – Institute for Mental Health and Migration
fka – Freundeskreis Asyl Karlsruhe e.V. in rlp
Bismarkstrasse 6
76726 Germersheim


Women’s meeting at the fka office Südpfalz

Are you looking for company, a little time out and space to be creative? Then come to our women’s meeting, also with your children. We are happy to support you with whatever is on your mind.

Tuesday 10:30-12:30: Women with and without children.
We are looking forward to meeting you!


  • Dance
  • Beauty
  • Yoga
  • Relaxation exercises
  • discussions on interesting topics
  • creative offers


Jessica Ruhe and Meera Mani

mobile: + 49 15117758946
office: + 49 7274 779 86 70
fax: 07274 779 86 79

fka – Freundeskreis Asyl Karlsruhe e.V. in rlp
Bismarkstrasse 6
76726 Germersheim

We would like to thank the GlücksSpirale for the support in equipping the premises in Germersheim.

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