Integration Management Mannheim

Social counselling for refugees

Integration management is aimed at refugees who either have a right of residence or have been in Germany/Mannheim for some time. The welfare organisations share this task under the auspices of the city. The Pact for Integration is financed by the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The aim is to accompany the clients so that they can participate in social life and in the labour market and develop a sustainable perspective for themselves on how they want to and can shape their lives in this society.


Our tasks and services are very diverse:


  • We offer low-threshold and culturally sensitive social counselling on all questions of everyday life.
  • We develop a trusting working relationship, accompany people individually and provide help in individual cases. We provide support in language acquisition, labour market integration, recognition of foreign qualifications, residence law regulations, housing, school and education as well as financial problems. To this end, we cooperate with the relevant welfare organisations.
  • We provide information about special counselling services (e.g. debt counselling, legal counselling, addiction counselling, partnership and parenting counselling, counselling in the LGBTTIQ field, counselling services for people with disabilities, etc.) and establish contacts. If necessary, we also accompany them to the regular services.
  • We provide information and establish contact with civic initiatives and civil society structures as well as with voluntary supporters.



In addition to a respectful and appreciative relationship, a good network is a prerequisite for the success of our work. Our networking serves the active maintenance of contacts, the exchange of information and cooperation, especially with the following agencies:


  • Municipal integration officers
  • Refugee social work staff in temporary accommodation,
  • local providers of integration courses and providers of language courses within the framework of the VwV Deutsch,
  • Migration counselling for adult immigrants (MBE) and federal youth migration services (JMD),
  • Job centres and employment agencies
  • Local networks of civic engagement and citizen participation
  • sports mediators, sports clubs and associations
  • Debt counselling
  • Welfare associations and welfare organisations
  • Other actors involved (e.g. chamber organisations, IQ network, etc.)
  • Cooperation with the City Library, Pro Social Business (Centre for Start-up Advice and Business Development) as well as the Oriental Music Academy Mannheim and the Jungbusch Community Centre.




Sonja L. Benzebeiri-Kellieh:
Mobile: +49 176 60 60 56 04 (Mondays – Thursdays)

Klaus Metzger-Beck:
Mobile: +49 179 13 84 69 (Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays)


Appointments by arrangement.


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