People Strengthen People – Sponsorship Programme

Because it is all of us together who make the political and social goal of integration a living reality


In our information society, one can live comfortably in the lush middle, shielded from the actual fear of life of people who are stranded on the edge in Greece, Libya or Bangladesh. On the surface, we may feel sorry about their misery, but we don’t let these events and fates get too close to us. The media allows us to keep all of this away at arm’s length.


Whether it makes you angry or leaves you cold when a refugee child drowns is determined by the proximity of oneself to the people involved. In the extreme case it can even determine whether a person is to live or die.

We at fka promote partnerships in order to strengthen the proximity – both special and mental – of people, so that no one’s destiny remains unseen and no refugee child dies at sea.

We at fka promote partnerships because it is all of us together who turn a political goal into a living reality. Only together can we create the proximity that is needed to drive forward successful integration. Politicians plan and decide, but we, the citizens of this world, determine by the degree of our proximity to each other whether we live with each other in humanity and self-determination or against each other in intolerance. This is the lived synergy of us citizens with our state, the characteristic of every free society.

Everybody is unique, everyone is equal

Society is a paradox: we are all unique, yet at the same time all humans of equal worth.

Whether we are a solitary mass whose primary goal is the ego, or whether we are an open-minded group, ultimately it all depends on us taking the initiative as well as our personal willingness to share and establish close interpersonal relationships.

The success of integration depends on three factors. Firstly, a “critical mass” of open and accessible people who can make a whole society more trusting and relaxed. Secondly, the knowledge that society demands its best from everyone it supports. And finally, the clear political support of each individual by the state.

Partnerships are our way of promoting all three factors and creating enthusiasm for the “People strengthen people” programme. The fka itself acts as a sponsor – it informs, advises and accompanies all those who take the risk and the opportunity to create proximity together and promote integration.


Johannes Riesinger from Keltern and his family are “godparents” of a family from Homs, Syria: “With us citizens everything becomes possible. We have the strength and the talent for improvisation and the heart.” (Photo: Johannes Riegsinger 2017)



Responsible for the sponsorship programme at the fka is Eveline Hummel (

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