People Strengthen People – Sponsorship Programme

Two families, one from Keltern and one from Homs (Syria), stand side by side and smile at the camera.

Along with his family, Johannes Riegsinger from Keltern sponsors a family from Homs (Syria): “With us citizens, everything is possible. We have the strength, talent for improvisation and the heart.” (Photo: Johannes Riegsinger 2017)

„People strengthen people“

The sponsorship programme „People strengthen people“ (Menschen stärken Menschen), overseen by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth aims to promote civil engagement for refugees. Completed sponsorship agreements submitted to the Federal Ministry document the friendship, partnership or guardianship of a volunteer with a refugee individual or family.

Good for refugees, volunteers and full-time officials

„People strengthen people“ is extremely important to fka, because the programme can be implemented in flexible and creative ways. For one, valuable connections are forged with volunteers. The project´s goal is also to strengthen the relationships of the individuals and families connected through the sponsorship programme. Furthermore, the expertise and abilities of full-time officials can also benefit from the network of volunteers and their engagement. The fact that the programme optimises the cooperation between volunteers and full-time officials benefits the refugees.

Needs-based and flexible

The sponsorship programme supports the refugees and volunteers who must navigate the complex world of refugee work. The services that fka can develop within the scope of „People strengthen people“ are as diverse and multifaceted as the people who make up the tandems. For specific occasions we offer interpreters and cultural mediators, as well as support with daily living, therapeutic treatment, training courses, workshops and other projects.

Of special meaning are the consultation services such as legal consultation, interview preparation and interview chaperonage, which are also aimed at refugees living in the municipalities. One of our special post is native-language empowerment work by female immigrant employees with refugee women. The focus here is on violence prevention, health, family planning, education and career, child-raising and childcare. Here resources from the sponsorship programme can be applied. One example is the consultation service and café for Eritrean and Somali refugees in Landau (Pfalz), overseen by fka-employee Zion Melak in cooperation with the Women’s Centre Aradia e.V.

You can find more information about the sponsorship programme “People strengthen people” hier.

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Jörg Weinerth ( oversees the sponsorship programme at fka. External relations with the tandems is overseen by Saeed Riazati ( and Liza Ramoja (

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