Consultation services

Current consultation hours during the Corona Pandemic

For your protection and the protection of our employees, the consulting services are provided in compliance with the rules of distance, hygiene and the obligation to wear face masks.


Human Rights Centre (MRZ), Alter Schlachthof 59

 The MRZ offers consultation hours for all clients of the Migration Counselling for Adult Immigrants (MBE), social and procedural counselling and legal advice. Furthermore, our employees offer telephone consultations (telephone consultation hours – PDF).

Please pay attention to the following: Visitors to the MRZ are admitted individually and only through the side entrance. The door remains locked even during consultation hours. Please wait until we pick you up. Please do not stay in the corridors. Masks are obligatory.


Social and procedural counselling

You can reach the fka office Monday to Wednesday 0721/966 39 37  &  0721/961 48 636

In urgent cases 0721/ 964 948 96 (Marienstraße office)

Monday: 10am – 3pm

Tuesday: 5pm – 7pm

Wednesday: 2pm – 4pm

Wednesday: 12pm – 2pm East Africa consultation

with Job Maasho 0157/725 995 72 (Tigrinia, Amharic, English) and Abdi Ali-Ahmed (Somali) – personal visit only by prior arrangement

Friday: from 1pm Farsi – Group consultation (max. 5 persons; registration with Saeed Riazati (0176/473 401 78)


Migration counselling for adult immigrants (MBE)

Human Rights Centre (MRZ), Alter Schlachthof 59

Phone: 0721/783 688 78

Mondays 9 – 12 am

Stand in Sabine Meglio 0157 34597235


atman Institute for Psychosocial Health and Migration

Human Rights Centre (MRZ), Alter Schlachthof 59

Group consultation and group activities are currently not taking place

Office hours: Wednesday 10am – 2pm

telephone consultation: 0151/177 589 46 or 0159/017 729 27

every Tuesday and Thursday: 10am – 1pm


Initial registration office (LEA) Durlacher Allee 100

Social and procedural counselling

Monday, Wednesday – Friday: 9am – 12pm

Tuesday: from 2pm


Branch office LEA Bad-Liebenzell, Monbachtal 1

Phone: 0163/44 27 37 8 (Saeid Yousefshahi)

Wednesday: 10am – 5 pm

Friday: 10am – 12pm


Integration Management 


Telephone, E-Mail and written consultation. Personal visit only by prior arrangement.

Phone: 0176/606 056 04 or 0179/613 846 9

Monday to Thursday: 10am – 2pm



Telephone consultation and stand-by service: 0151/223 356 48

Monday to Friday: 8am – 6pm


Migration consulting Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

Currently only consulation via e-mail and telephone for people who have already started a consulting process


Office Südpfalz

76726 Germersheim, Bismarckstraße 6

Migration Service (MFD)

Phone: 07274/779 86 77

Wednesday and Thursday: 10am – 4pm


Migration counselling for adults immigrants (MBE)

Phone: 07274/779 86 72

Tuesday to Thursday: 10am – 4pm


atman Institute for Psychosocial Health and Migration

Group consultation and activities are currently not taking place.

Phone: 0151/177 589 46 and 0159/017 729 27

Tuesday and Thursday: 10am – 1pm